Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This Just In

So i see Amerie has a new promo pic.
I've also learned that she parted ways with her old label [Columbia]
and now is signed to [Def Jam]
Let's Just hope she goes back to the essence of her first album


These Chucks well [VISVIM KIEFER's] are sick!

Alife 54-11's



1 comment:

- BEEBZ - said...

i love your blogs danni - so informative ^_^ hehe

yesss! uncle luke - daz my dude! specially cuz hes from floridaaaa woot! and i hope amerie comes back with a bang - i love that chick!

of course nas beat weezy .. duh?

and ew i hate dr.dre lol mk love ya!