Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Blogging

New In Music:

LLoyd Banks will Be hitting us with a
New Mixtape Soon called:
Top 5 or Better
so keep your ears open

VIBE's JUICE Cover Star Revealed:

Third Album Coming Soon.

I have no clue

Do We Need Another Dance Show?

The R&B superstar is delving into the world of reality television with a dance competition series. Known for his hip moves and fancy footwork, Brown is giving aspiring dancers a chance to prove their dancing ability is up to par on his impending show. The project, which hasn’t yet been titled, will focus on the hip hop dance culture. Contestants will compete against one another in a variety of dance-offs, with Brown selecting the winner of each round.

The production team includes famed reality-television producer Mark Burnett and his business partner J.D. Roth. The idea will be pitched to numerous TV networks

Get To Know Jazmine Sullivan

Hometown:North Philadelphia

Raised in North Philadelphia, Jazmine grew up in a two-parent household, the middle sister between two brothers. When she was 5 years old, her father landed a position as a curator for the city’s Strawberry Mansion, and her family moved into the historical landmark, where they lived rent free. Meanwhile, Jazmine struggled to assimilate at school. “I did not want to be different,” says the singer. “But everything about me was—I lived in a mansion in the ghetto, and I was self-conscious about my voice.”

Need You Bad - Jazmine Sullivan

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