Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I just love this damn site.
Im sure so does the rest of you
Fashion Heads!!!!!!

The Hundreds
Never heard of this line but these
kicks are funky!

Supra 2009

Will Supra ever stop?
i don't think so!

Hating Moment
As everyone knows this woman right here
dates the fine black man we know as
can't knock her great body though

serena williams in men’s fitness


Word on the street is that somebody gave reggae artist Sean Paul the light and passed the dro as he was allegedly arrested in Sweden on Friday (August 8) on drug charges.

Apparently, marijuana is illegal in Sweden as MediaTakeOut.com is reporting the reggae superstar was picked up at the Uppsala Reggae Festival after undercover officers spotted him and a group of other artists puffin and passing.

According to reports, the Grammy award winner was booked, but the official charges against him remain unknown.

At press time, there was no information about the alleged incident on his website (www.sean-paul.net) and Paul's camp had offered on commen

iLL Spotting


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butta. said...

never heard of the hundreds danni? THAT LINE IS THE FUCKIN SICKEST! remember the first picture I had for anonymous? with the bomb on the head? that's their logo =]