Monday, January 19, 2009

50 talks.haha

Listen Now!

50 Cent is not one to watch what he says, and a recent interview he did on Shade45 proves that. 50 says that parts of his new song "Play This On The Radio" are a response to a track Lil Wayne released called "Louisianimal," an apparent diss towards 50. The G-Unit general says that Lil Wayne should say he is sorry for releasing the diss, even if it was old. 50 continued futher by calling Lil Wayne a junkie saying Weezy might exhaust the public at the rate he's going.

50's next target was his long time rival, Kanye West. Calling Kanye a 'Faggot' 50 says that "808s & Heartbreak" is an R&B record that was supposed to brick. 50 says that Kanye can't sing a chorus and shouldn't sing on an album.

Besides going off on others, 50 did manage to talk about himself. 50 says a mixed version of his new single "I Get It In" will come on Monday. 50 says he will get Dr Dre and Eminem to come to his L.A. & Detroit shows and even says "Im A Blogger now."

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Anonymous said...

He is truly sad to me...he is gonna try to ride the coattails of his "beef" with Lil Wayne until his release date...he is really sad...he doesnt even sell anymore...taht matchup with Kanye proved that