Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Are Chuck Taylors Still In?

Of Course!
There's nothing like a pair of chuck's to finish
off your everyday look.
I mean gosh how they never get old.
only thing i don't dig is the $40 price tag
remember when they where like $15 bucks?
come on they are still "bo-bo's"

My Love for CHUCKS!!!!!!


L-A-U-R-E-N said...

FINALLY somebody who shares my love for Chucks lolll

Empress Journee' said...

I love my all stars. I break them out when I'm in LA! Makes me feel like a native lol. i have like 5 pair! So I'm with you!

Naomie said...

lol. i love my chucks!! i just bought a new white pair the other day...i'm mad they cost me $44 tho mega pissed b/c when i bought my first pair they cost $19.99!!

Anonymous said...

lovee chucks. since like, 8th grade. lol. good taste girl!!!

Gee-Nah Muh-Ree said...

I just bought a pair of pink and brown ones .. love them like they were my own baby .. i used to be a collector until i got into heels lol

but urs are fierce!!!

Jaz Gill said...

Im wearing a pair of cream ones right now! I adore my lucky stars =]. The perfect "sneaker" for girls was invest more in shoes than in sneakers

briit said...

<3 my chucks!