Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drake? (Fill Me In)

Who in the hell is this guy and why
in the hell is everyone on this guy's (excuse my French) nut sack?
i know he's a actor or something like that.
Someone Fill me in.
*being a music head u would think i
would know who he is.
Don't get me wrong i've heard a song or
two from him but has know where he came from.


L-A-U-R-E-N said...

well simply put, Drake is the shit.

but naw

he was born in Memphis, raised in Toronto. he was on that show Degrassi which a lotta ppl including myself are addicted to. His latest mixtape is his 3rd one. And he's really underestimated cuz people think he'd be wack just cuz he's an actor too. But his shit is real authentic, got songs with trey songz, weezy, clipse, lloyd & other ppl. But i must say his latest mixtape "So Far Gone" is his best yet

Eighty4 said...

owwww why thank you
ok i never watched that show but i heard it was good

Empress Journee' said...
Now the show is ill I love it... As they say "They go there" lol.