Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Hunk

Ok so where do i start?
alright so like im car-less right now
and i basically walk and catch public
transportation everywhere i go right?
So i went to visit my boyfriend via 2 trains yesterday
and had an awesome time.
So as the night ends and he walks me to the train stop
and mind you it's like 10:20 something
and my last bus from where I catch to go home
from leaves at 11:44
so anywho i catch the train and realize i left my
wallet and had no way of paying now.
so i have to get off the train at the next stop and walk all
the way from this stop in some town i have no
clue about and walk back to his house.
I swear i was about to have a emotional break down for real.
PANIC,is not even the word for it.
So i walk all the way there and he already knew
why i was "BACK"
so he grabs it and we have to walk all the way back
to the stop.
So my point is this.
He never complains and always puts me first.
He cares about my feelings and shelters me from negativity.
He true-ly loves me and says it every chance he can.
He could've threw my wallet to me and
said "see you later babe"
or whatever but he just grabbed his coat
and held my hand all the way there in
this late night east coast weather
I swear this man is out of this world.
He just makes me melt



x Ju.ju Bean x said...

awwww. that is SO sweet. :)
were lucky to have such sweethearts. <3

supreme. said...

thanks so fucking sweet.

Nicole said...

awww thats sweet, sounds like a keeper girl...its hard to find good men these days

Notion said...

love is beautiful

Empress Journee' said...

he's a keeper

Dolce. said...

awww posts like this make me smile & be hopeful