Saturday, March 14, 2009

wasn't she just with that producer guy?

From Cool and Dre.
this chick is idk.
and FYI Christina the hair is hella wack.

Now your dating Nivea's Ex hubby and baby daddy.
Maybe she needs a hit or something.


supreme. said...

they were on 106 saying they weren't dating but yeah the blonde hair is wack as fuck.

Dolce. said...

dammit that blonde shit can't work for everybody! she needs to bring the brunette back.
&the dream aint even all that cute, he must have one hell of a personality

Ms LaLa♥♥ said...

She looked better with Dre..even with Nick.

That blonde ish is not working at all...she need to go to the black/brunette look.

The Dream...eww

JOFre$h said...

She looks good, But I don't like how people in entertainment biz jump from one person to the next.