Monday, April 27, 2009

A Non Fashion Or Music Post

My Weekend Was Bomb!
So i spent the weekend with my hunny bunches of oats
and we had a blast.
We didn't do much but watch movies and enjoy
each others company!
Also I finally watch 7 Pounds and Cadillac Records
and i must say both movies are amazing.
Will Smith was robbed if he wasn't nominated for this film.
And i was surprised Beyonce did a great job in Cadillac Records.


So anywho I had to see my hunny off this afternoon
and i was bummed about that because i miss him already.
I tell you loves a hell of a drug
and i don't plan on entering rehab no time soon


I love waking up to this face

1 comment:

Tommy Oliver said...

i mos def gotta see 7 pounds;i think thats the only will smith movie i didnt see yet