Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Omarion Married?

Well According to internet sources
the Ex B2K member is hitched.
anywho they also claim on "therundown"
that he has a sex tape with his wife and another woman.
his wife is supposed to be a bisexual ex-dancer from
ATL's "Magic City"
They also claim he married this chick back in 08
.-*scratches head


supreme. said...

he looks so good in that pic.

audrey. said...

yeah, i heard about this shit a while back.
him being married and all.

but the thing with the sex tape, nobody has seen it supposedly, and his first new single is supposed to be called like "my girl is bi" or some shit like that!

so, i think it might just be a jump off type deal, whatevz tho.

he is signed to young money now =/

-scratches head.

Notion said...

i wasn't expecting that lol

Eighty4 said...

i thought he was signed to Mosley Group (timbalands label)

Tash said...

ii wanna slap this fool!

Ren Jones said...

surprisingly, he looks gorgeous in this pic, his head usually looks like an eggplant, but they are a cute couple, even tho shes mad huge compared to him lol

Tashur Raquel said...

hmm he looks good there.
and shes pretty
they're a cute couple!