Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That Kid Curren$y
His Myspace
So If You Don't have a Clue who
this iLL MC is .-*google him suckas.
Anywho I know most of you are like
"awww man he's not down with Young Money Ent anymore"
no and get over it!
New Year, New Sound and he's up in the Sky!
FLY Society is a great look for him
and this is his year.
This creative man is one to keep your eyes open for.

This Ain't No Mixtape:

thisaintnomixtape.​com and
are a few places you can find it!
"He's In The Sky"

[Fav tracks:Cook Up,Elevator Music,Blown Away]


JOFre$h said...

Im mad currensy still hasnt blown up yet. His time is long overdue.

HYP3 said...

Been Following Curren$y Since He Was With The New No Limit 504 Boyz..Time He Gets To Shine Brite