Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is Thick Really In?

So being a nice and "fluffy" female myself
I ask the public...
Is Thick Really In?
I've never had a problem getting any attention
from the opposite sex but im really wondering
if thick the new "skinny"?
I remember when skinny chicks where in around
96-97 when i was in middle school.
It seemed all the skinny girls got the love!
Then there was me,the thick girl with "style"
When I reached high school I realized my "size" was
"in" and I felt like my "time" has come.
Being a size(14) .-*can't believe I let you all know that
seem's too be a common size and most men
don't know what size you are anyway.
I tell guys im a size "14" and there like "oh,i have no clue
how females sizes go".
I always get "you weigh that much? yeah right."

So which of these ladies are appealing to you?
Plus Size


Plus Size


Weigh in.....


x Ju.ju Bean x said...

I'm mad Ashanti isnt how she used to be.

But I definitely like the thick ones. Lol. Maybe cuz I am. I'm not ur typical Asian girl.
I'm right there with you. Hey. My man like it. And I like it. Thats all that matters. =)

JOFre$h said...

I love thick...Not monique thick but thick thick. I love curves.

Eighty4 said...

i feel you,my man likes it too

Dr. Robotnic said...

honestly i think dudes r tired of the "snobby-ness" that is associated with skinny girls. Me personally, im attracted to the curves...idk y, but i am. lol

supreme. said...

you're only a 14? =O lol i feel huge, but thick is in to me.

Journey to my soul said...

size really is not the biggest factor. You can have some meat on your bones and still be curvy, juicy and sexy. its all about shape and curves

L.Alexandra said...

size shouldnt even matter anymore but hey...we are humans, and some are ignorant. in the long's just flesh. only the inside should matter but sadly..body image is most important to some.

i think women of all sizes are beautiful but only if they aren't skanky and heartless.

and yiiiikes...Ashanti is way thicker now than that pic loll

Tommy Oliver said...

loved the pun @ the end;lol

but i pretty much agree with Dr. Robotnic on this one

Anonymous said...

i personally don't think thick was ever out.


Reese Debarge' said...

skinny women are evil! :]

Reese Debarge' said...

and you a 14? girl you better eat and quit playin! :))

Jervis said...

imma donate to the bb fund soon. but yeh, only god knows how much I love the thick ones

jessiemona said...

thick never left i dnt have a prob wit skinny gurlz but im thick so im rolling wit it i feel this world has made ppl think u have to be a bag of bones to fit in! fuc that not me therez nuttin wrong wit wanted to loose a couple of pounds but keep that figure!! lol