Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lazy Post

So Watch The New Kayne Video

Random Pic:
This pic confirms that Ciara needs a stylist ASAP!
poor thing never had style since she came out,smh
she looks like "A BOY"

Chris Brown:

[CB and Usher @ game 3 Cavs Vs Orlando game]
I think this man's career is over due
2 the fact Oprah bashed this man
and everyone listen's 2 Oprah
So i hear his new album is called "Graffiti"
and Ryan Leslie signed up 2 help him out
on the new LP


Anonymous said...

if ryan leslie.. is helping him.. it prolly be pretty good.. ryan leslie.. is madd creative.. but idk.. if people going to hop on it.. since what cb did..

Nicole said...

omg. she was so wrong for that sweater cap on her head =|

supremeee. said...

i love the video and ciara has always had problems with style.


CiCi looks like an adolescent boy!


Dea of Bk said...

lmao you ode'd on ciara