Sunday, May 17, 2009

Men This One's 4 you:

Ok so they say "sex" is a big part of
an relationship...
So what are your TOP 5 turn on's
that get you ready for "war"
and is fourplay a big part of
SEX 2 you?

Nice boobies?
Nice a$$?
her smell?

You Tell Us!


Empress Journee' said...

1. Sexy Man
2. Nice Lips
3. Depending on who the vic. is lol
4. playing wii tennis (don't ask)
5. just because i woke up lol

isaiahDUB said...

1. Ner Lips
2. I love it when dey wear Boy Shorts (especially when the ass is fat)
3. Shyt if I walk in the house/room n she look like she ready to get it
4. Listenin to Love/Hate, dats my get right music
5. Kissin on my neck (that happen n its a wrap)

fAi'. said...

1. i love a dude FRESH out the shower. smelling all good, solf skin. mmmh.
2.a sexy is always a turn on. i'm taking about the whole thing. don't half step.
3.big, juicy, pink lips.
4.dirty talk. tlak nasty to me, turn me on before we go at it.
5.some great head before sex always gets me ignited! especially if dick sucking is one of your specialties. GAG on that shit. spit on it. show me the DICK is yours.

Eighty4 said...

mmm i agree boobie,
the dirty talk is a killer everytime