Friday, August 8, 2008

My Weakness

Skinny Jeans

i love a man that wears a pair of skinny jeans well


Nothing like a [fresh] subway sub!

Pass It Over

Whooper with Cheese.
Where's the Beef?

Nothing Like it!

Gosh i love this store!

Myspace addict

i live on this site.
gotta love it,TOM your a genius [lol]

[Random News]
Kobe Mania at the Olympics

This was the oddity of the night. Behind the Chinese president and the entire national team, the one athlete who appeared to get the loudest ovation was none other than Kobe Bean Bryant. The moment was so odd that even U.S. journalists were looking at each other in puzzlement. The Russian, Chinese and American presidents were here, but Kobe was the head of state tonight.

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