Monday, June 15, 2009

Are Girl Groups still in?

I've been seeing a lot of new "girl" groups
coming out and let's just say
im not "impressed".
Most of these girls group's look "put together"
basically like a "Danity Kane" situation.

"Electrik Red"

blah blah blah...
sorry but for me,I haven't heard anything
that makes me say "wow"!
So-So vocals with pretty faces and bodies,


vicioussss. said...

No. HELL TO THA NAWL. Aint none of these bitches relevant.

kickznbeats said...

lol noooo! i like them haha. but i think i only like what they have out cuz the dream produced their shit.

go shawty, 9-5, and devotion is my shittttt. maybe cuz theyre sexy songs lol

Allie said...

i agree. im asking the same thing. Where's the new Destiny's Child, TLC, Escape, En Vogue??? What's up?