Friday, June 19, 2009

iLL find

These Reebok pumps are way bomb!
I might have 2 collect them all!
These are only for the original Reebok pump heads

Reebok 7 Deadly Sins Pack - Greed, Pride & Sloth Sneakers

Common X Nylon tv


A.R. said...

those sneaks are kinda hot.

Allie said...

im diggin the kicks.

lalaliybean said...

i would def. get greed. just because i'm a greedy ass bitch and my kicks should express that too. and i remember i used to always ask the boy that lived across the street if i could pump up his shoes for him.

now i realize i was a 7 yr old hussy. =X

Vlad said...

then jawns are illy